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A special thanks to ZUCCer.

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I was one of you, this is an exclusive gift for ZUCCer. You do not need to buy a public elective course any more at high prices, it's totally free.

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Without cumbersome series of operations, completely liberate your eyes, release your computer, unattended to deal with what you have to do.

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Developed automatic retry mechanism for a variety of network environments, with CNN-based verification code recognition technology support.

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Faster than BurpSuite and Key-Wizard. Quickly run under various versions of Windows operating system

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It is completely free, do not try to use us to resell the course, if you do, we will know.

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Good Luck

Selected or not depends on luck, please keep a balanced heart.

Network Address Translator

Alternatives: Custom elective server address in the configuration file.

Provide South-Campus partners with fast access to both LAN and Internet.

All Requirements

Everything you need, we all have.

Contains elective multiple courses at the same time, search courses, drop course, show curriculum schedule, automatically stop when course selected, etc.

Customized & Technical Support

According to the actual situation to modify the configuration file, for technical support can join our technology QQ group: 137991872

  • Through the application for question feedback
  • By contacting the author's WeChat feedback
  • Through the QQ group exchange

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